Texas SBA™, popularly known as Texas Small Business Association™, represents the business community of 2.6 million companies based in Texas, United States of America. Texas is the 2nd largest economy in the United States and 12th richest location in the world generating an annual economy of US $1.6 Trillion / Euros $1.36 Trillion. Become a Greek-based business partner and experience the American Dream by purchasing your
Texas Small Business Association™ Membership.

Texas has 6 of the Top 20 Largest Cities in the United States:

# 4 Houston # 7 San Antonio # 9 Dallas
# 11 Austin # 16 Fort Worth # 20 El Paso

Texas SBA™ is a common resource for government officials to disseminate information to the Texas business community and better understand the economy of small business owners. Whether the U.S. federal government and her 400+ departments; the State of Texas and her 200+ agencies; over 250 Texas counties and their departments; or 3,000+ towns and cities throughout Texas, the Texas Small Business Association™ is an institution relied upon by both business owner and government. Become a Member Today.

Texas Business Facts:

International Trade
  • Texas is the Business Capital of North America
  • Small Business Exports 93% of all Texas Exports
  • Texas Is the #1 State in America for Exports
    US $264 Billion / Euros $225 Billion (17% of U.S. total)
  • Texas Has 32 Free Trade Zones & 29 U.S. Customs Ports of Entry (#1 in America)
  • State of Texas Government Budget for 2018 - 2019
    US $217 Billion / Euros $185 Billion
  • State of Texas Government Credit Rating if AAA (highest credit rating available)
  • State of Texas Government Contracts are Available Online 24 Hours per Day
Foreign Citizens
  • Up to 42% of Texas Business Owners were not Born in the USA
  • Portuguese Citizens are Eligible for the Visa Waiver Program (ETSA)
  • Consulate of Portugal Based in Houston
  • Texas Has Daily Flights to Lisbon and Porto
Business Ownership
  • 98% of all Companies in Texas are Small Business
    (15% < 19 Employees; 16% < 99 Employees; and 14% < 499 Employees)
  • Texas is an "Employment At Will" State
    (Employment Can Be Terminated at Anytime for Any Reason and Without Notice)
  • Texas Is a "Right to Work" State
    (Labour Union Enrollment is Not Required for Employment)
  • Texas Business Franchise Tax Maximum Rate of 1%
    (No Tax Due Threshold for 2018 - 2019 is US $1,130,000 / Euros $966,926 est.)
  • Texas Safeguards Business from Frivolous Lawsuits : Loser Pays Tort Reform
  • Texas has the 4th Fastest Growth Rate for Woman Business Owership
Texas Small Business Association Membership

Texas is the #1 destination for Mexican business exports, employment, and consumer shopping with nearly 9 million B1-B2 visas in Mexican citizen hands. Likewise, Canadian citizens conduct business and make daily purchases in the United States with nearly 90% of the population living within 100 miles / 160 kilometers of the U.S. border. Sell your Portuguese company's goods or services in the world's largest marketplace- North America- by establishing a Texas corporation or small business.

Owning a business in Texas gives your company the legal right to transact business across the entire United States of America and also participate in the North America Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), established in 1994, where imports and exports with Canada and Mexico benefit from reduced or zero tarriffs. Learn how to make money in the world's largest economy by purchasing your Texas Small Business Association™ Membership.

Texas Small Business Association™ membership benefits all business owners worldwide by providing direct-access to the largest community of United States exporters; the strongest economy in North America to sell your foreign-based company's products and services; obtain assistance in becoming a foreign-based State of Texas government contractor; and receive "inside knowledge and information" on doing business in Texas and North America. Expand your business opportunities and quality of life with Texas SBA™ Membership.


1 Year Membership

Greece Based Members Receive

  • Trade Missions to Texas
  • Texas Government Contracting Assistance
  • Texas Incorporation Services
  • Market Penetration Assistance
  • Texas SBA™ Bulletin™ Newsletter
  • Texas Economic and Market Research
  • 000 Page Travel Texas Guide
  • Advertising Programs & Discounts
  • Establishment of Business Credit

Texas SBA Membership

Top Texas Industries

  • Retail
  • Energy
  • Financial
  • Construction
  • Manufacturing
  • Leisure & Hospitality
  • Information Technology
  • Education & Health Services
  • Trade, Transportation, & Utilities
  • Professional & Business Services

North American Economic Statistics

  • United States Population: 327 Million
  • United States GDP: US $18.57 Trillion
    (51% Generated by Small Business)
  • United States Median Income: US $59,000
  • Canada Population: 33 Million
  • Canada GDP: US $1.53 Trillion
  • Canada Median Income: US $70,000
  • Mexico Population: 123 Million
  • Mexico GDP: US $1.14 Trillion
  • Mexico Median Income: US $10,000
Texas SBA Membership
Owning a Business in Texas Can Be Your Key To American Dream
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